WeChat Mini Program (MP)
Plan for F&B Business

Mini Programs = “Instant” Apps embedded in WeChat for disposable interactions, at a fraction of the cost of an App.

  • 4 Mb code base, much quicker to load than an App
  • Loads from Tencent Servers
  • No updates needed : the latest version is automatically loaded
  • Cached on the phone
  • Home screen shortcuts (Android only)
  • > 60 entry points
  • Directly shareable in chats
  • “Deep linking” to a specific subpage of the MP
  • Easy, normalized login
  • Seamless integration with WeChat Features : Member Cards, Coupons, WeChat Pay

WeChat Mini Programs (MP) have exploded since the beginning of 2018

1M Mini Programs
200M Daily Active Users
95% of e-commerce Brands have a MP
63% of the 1B WeChat users have used them

Average time spent using MP
(min per day)

Mini Programs (MP) already represent 20~30% of traffic

Distribution of user traffic across Apps 
and associated mini-programs (July 2018), in millions

Data from the Top 100 apps with an accompanying MP. All numbers rounded to nearest million. Source: Quest  Mobile 108, Quest Mobile ‘Truth’ Data Set (August 2018), Resonance Analysis

Low acquisition cost through accessibility :

Sharing is the #1 entry point overall

Mini Program Traffic by source, June 2018 (source : ALDWX)

  • Sharing
  • Quick entry
  • Official Accounts
  • QR Codes
  • Redirects
  • Others

F&B Businesses’ main delivery system platforms

  • Free
  • No need to apply for anything
CHAT : Specific account to chat with customers
  • Always attached to a phone
  • Lots of time spent talking to the customers (4 to 8 min)
  • Human factor mistakes
  • No visibility unless you or someone sends your contact
  • No stats / reports on your customers’ sales unless they’re done manually
  • Need to manage payment manually
MEI TUAN WAI MAI  /  E LE MA : Platforms specialized in order deliveries
  • Visibility of your shops : lots of people will be able to see them
  • Provide delivery services. (optional)
  • Avoid human error when taking orders
  • No need to manage payment from customers
  • Need to qualify to apply for a contract
  • Order percentage fees
    • 8% to 10% without delivery
    • 16% to 23% with delivery
  • Not Foreigner-friendly : Chinese only
  • Not customizable for specific needs

Why is it worth having a Mini Program ?

  • User friendly
  • Customizable : Respect your identity, colors, font and logo
  • Chinese and English support
  • Display realtime “situations” to customers. (“Rainy day”)
  • Pre-order: Allow your customer to order in advance
  • WeChat Pay and Cash support. (Cash part supervised by your team)
  • Delivery or pickup
  • Full Sales reports (global, monthly, by customers, best sellers …)
  • Define own delivery prices (Delivery service not provided)
  • Connection to SFExpress account
  • Specific features can be developed
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Personal finance management
Additional options
  • Create and edit news
  • Event organiser (with e-tickets)
  • Need to apply for a WeChat Mini Program with Food License (But less complicated than Mei Tuan or E LE MA)
  • Have to connect Mini-Program to a WeChat Pay account
  • Not connected to POS
  • Need a server in China with an ICP License


A dedicated Mini Program ordering platform’s development will normally cost between 35.000 RMB to 50.000 RMB (not including maintenance + server fees)
It is understandable that such an upfront cost may limit businesses’ desire in purchasing a Mini-Program (MP)
has found a way, thanks to the creation of its own GLOBAL PLATFORM (GP)
Our GP is offering you the following advantages:
  • Our Mini Program Kernel is ready to go, just need to accommodate the app to your design
  • No need to Pay and wait for the development of the services and back-end
  • Get your Mini Program within 2-3 weeks
  • No need to take care of servers and ICP License
  • Our global platform (GP) will constantly be updated with new features
Option 1 : Yearly Offer

2750 RMB / month 
(including MP + updates + maintenance + server)
for 12 months


1150 RMB / month 
(updates + maintenance + server)

Option 2 : One Shot Offer

27500 RMB 
(including MP + updates + maintenance + server)
first 12 months


1150 RMB / month 
(updates + maintenance + server)

Option 3 : On your own

23400 RMB 
(including MP + maintenance first 2 month) 


Quotation on every interventions
(Server’s fee / administration AND Updates + Maintenance NOT INCLUDED)

Option 4 : Pay As You GO

5% of MP Revenu / month
(including MP + updates + maintenance + server)


Mini Program (35 000 RMB to 50 000 RMB)
+ Maintenance Fee (+-1500 RMB / month)
+ Server Fee (200~300 RMB / month)
+ (extra cost for updates)

Still not sure about it ?

Let’s have a look and compare with other platforms.

Note: We take into consideration that you’ll push your customers towards using your Mini Program.

Scenario 1 : small business

Scenario 2 : Medium Size Business

Scenario 3 : Example from one of our clients – Mainly Delivery

1 year R.O.I scenario for OPTION 1

1 year R.O.I scenario for OPTION 2

1 year R.O.I scenario for OPTION 3

Some examples of what your Mini Program could look like.

Try to imagine it with your logo and colors that fit your identity.

What about the your content ?

Your Mini Program will come with a Back-end access.
So you’ll be able to read the statistics of your activity, create and edit your menu,
have a look at your customer’s profiles, order histories and other information.






Want to try it out ?

We can give you access to one of our demos !